Natural Remedies for Polycythemia Vera Natural Treatment


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What is Polycythemia Vera?

This is a leisurely–rising blood cancer in which the bone marrow makes too many red blood cells. When you have surplus cells, then they stiffen your blood and slow its movement. As well, they can cause problems and this leads to stroke or heart attack. This is not an extremely general disease. Generally, polycythemia Vera grows gradually and lots of individuals have it without identifying that they have. Natural Remedies for polycythemia Vera can be useful to treat the disease.


Polycythemia vera occurs when a change in a bone marrow cell reason a complexity with blood cell manufacture. In common, the human body carefully controls the number of each of the 3 types of blood cells that exist. But in polycythemia vera, the system that the human body is used in order to organize the manufacture of blood cells turns out to be damaged, and your bone marrow creates took a number of several blood cells. The alteration that causes polycythemia vera is thought to influence a protein to organize that let’s know the cells to make. Purposely, it’s a alter in the protein JAK2 also recognized as the JAK2 V617F mutation.

A good amount of individuals with a similar condition have this alteration. Lots of doctors also medical researchers don’t yet comprehend the occupied responsibility of this transmutation and its suggestions for the extravagance of the illness. It’s not clear what reasons the alteration shows the ways to polycythemia vera.

Doctors, as well as medical investigator, suppose the modification happens subsequent to start,

It means that the affected person’s father and mother don’t have it, thus it is obtained, relatively than innate from blood relations.

Signs and Symptoms

The most general signs and symptoms of polycythemia vera contain blurred fatigue, vision, bleeding weakness or bruising, generally slight; dizziness; headache; itchiness, particularly following a warm bath or shower; too much sweating; unexplained loss of weight; fevers; a feeling of fullness or bloating in your left upper stomach because of an enlarged spleen; difficulties in-breath; painful swelling of one joint, frequently the big toe. This disease can affect at any period of age but it is most general in adults who are 60 plus. Blood clots can cause a heart attack, a stroke, or a blockage in your lungs or in a vein deep within a muscle. As well, when you suffer from polycythemia Vera, then it can make your spleen work harder than normal which is causing it to make bigger.

It can lead to lots of further difficulties when you have too many red blood cells. Containing swelling in your joints, upper small, upper small intestine, or esophagus and there can be open sores on the inside lining of your abdomen. You must remember that polycythemia Vera is a long-lasting disease that cannot cure. Recovery of this disease is focusing on decreasing the numbers of blood cells. There are lots of ways in which treatment can decrease the danger of complications from polycythemia vera and it can lessen the symptoms. If polycythemia vera affects you then you should converse with your doctor before utilizing the Home Remedies for Polycythemia Vera that is mention below.

Natural Remedies for polycythemia Vera

Natural Remedies for polycythemia Vera

Natural Remedies for Polycythemia Vera

Keep Away from Excessive Temperatures:

It is recognized that poor blood movement grows the danger of injury from hot & cold temperatures.

You should keep away from excessive temperatures to save yourself. If the weather is warm, then you must drink lots of liquids and save yourself from the sun.

You must wear things like visors to defend yourself from the sun during warm days. As well, when you go out in the sun you should use sunscreen. Wear warm clothes if the weather is cold, especially to cover your hands and feet.

Healthy Diet

If polycythemia Vera affects you then it is important to eat a healthy diet. You must eat a low–fat diet in reasonable portions with grains, legumes, vegetables, and fruits.


Garlic is one of the helpful ingredients to use in Herbal Treatment for Polycythemia Vera. It is recommended eating an empty stomach 2 to 3 raw garlic cloves in the morning can thin the blood and make the blood movement normal.

Stay Away from Smoke.

If you are suffering from Polycythemia Vera then it is very important not to smoke or chew tobacco. It is famous that tobacco can turn your blood vessels narrow and this can grow the danger of getting stroke or heart attack because of blood clots. As well if you smoke cigarettes, you must discontinue smoking as soon as possible. Because smoking can make the polycythemia Vera worse. If you cannot stop smoking on your own you should talk with your doctor.

To make an action strategy for quitting smoking you must make an appointment with your doctor. There are a few individuals who quit cold turkey while others quit slowly. As well, your doctor can recommend a medicine that can assist you to quit.


You should mix one teaspoon of cayenne pepper powder with one glass of warm water and drink this one of the effective Herbal Remedies for Polycythemia Vera on daily basis.

Aloe Vera

If you are affected with polycythemia Vera you should use aloe Vera in Herbal Products for Polycythemia Vera. You should consume 1 teaspoon of freshly extracted pulp from Aloe Vera leaf in the morning.

Treat Itchy Skin

Individuals who affect with polycythemia Vera can have itchy skin which is a major issue for them. There are lots of dissimilar ways to reduce and treat itchiness at home if itchiness is an issue for you. You must utilize lotions and other moisturizers on a usual basis, particularly when your skin is itchy and dry. They can assist to hydrate your skin and it will reduce itchiness. This is the helpful Natural Treatment for Polycythemia Vera choices to treat the condition.

Keep Yourself Hydrated

If you are suffering from polycythemia Vera, It is very important to stay hydrated. It is famous that dehydration can make your disease worse so you must drink a lot of water. You must always wear a

It is very important to stay hydrated if you suffer from polycythemia vera. It is known that dehydration can make your condition worse so you should drink enough amount of water. You should always keep a bottle of water with you. Stay hydrated is one of the best Polycythemia Vera Natural Treatment to get relief from it. Herbal Supplement for Polycythemia Vera also very beneficial in the Natural Treatment of Polycythemia Vera

Mention above Natural Remedies for Polycythemia Vera offer by H and H Shops are very useful to treat the condition without any side effects.


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