California Institute of Technology

California Institute of Technology is a private institution founded in 1891. The campus has an undergraduate enrollment of 997 people (2013). The campus is located in a suburb in Pasadena, California, or about 11 km northeast of Los Angeles. The campus area is 124 hectares. Similar to Dartmounth, the California Institute of Technology also uses a quarter-based academic calendar.

Caltech focuses on science and practice.

Not only undergraduate studies, Caltech also offers top graduate programs in engineering, biology, chemistry, computer science, earth sciences, mathematics and physics.

Caltech always participates in major research. The campus often receives grants from institutions such as NASA, the National Science Foundation and the Department of Health and Human Services. Top companies in the world like Intel, Compaq and Hotmail were founded by alumni from Caltech. Famous director Frank Capra also graduated from Caltech.

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